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Learn how to Use Exercise as Medication with Your Clients

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Dr. Svec discusses the benefits of taking this class.

Steps in Working with Us

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Developed by Dr. Henry Joseph Svec the founder of ExerciseMD you will learn how to use Exercise as medication to help your clients fight or prevent Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Brain Health Conditions and various Cancers.  Receive 4 CEC's from canfitpro when you finish the class.

Lifetime Use of our Platform to Increase Revenue


Once you complete the training, you will then be given a  pass code to use the platform with your clients.  This will allow you or your team members, the opportunity to attract new clients, motivate your existing ones and help them utilize exercise throughout the lifespan.  

Increase your Practice Size and Client Retention


You will be able to help your clients and motivate them away from the clinic/gym.  By working with clients who have very specific life challenging disease and symptoms you will be able to bring your skills to a group of people that desperately need your help.  For your clients more tools to get healthy, for you increased practice income and sense of accomplishment.

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Home Care Worker Training

Learn how PSW's, DSW's and Home Care Workers can use ExerciseMD with Seniors in their homes.

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Use the code "2019" on the Payment Page

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