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Amazing new 17 Minute Workout for High Blood Pressure

by Dr. Henry Joseph Svec

In recent posts I’ve discussed the benefits of doing a workout with a yo-yo component. The yo-yo is where after a warm up you push the intensity level of your cardio workout for 1-5 minutes then follow that with a very slow walk or some suggest even pause to get your heart rate back down as close to resting as possible.

At we recommend a slow walk of about 2 MPH to keep moving but start the resting process.
In a 2-3 yo-yo for example you would work hard for 2 minutes followed by 3 minutes of very slow activity. The difference between your peak Heart Rate and the slowest as you try to bring that down in between bursts is very important. This yo-yo protocol has been primarily used to improve neurocognitive recovery after concussion and also to help those of us with ADHD improve focus on concentration. The science is clear on this.
But now we have new science that points to the use of the yo-yo to help treat high blood pressure. In a recent article,… Scientists have reported that High Intensity Bursts (exactly what we would call the yo-yo at ExerciseMD) is the most effective technique to help treat high blood pressure.
It’s important to note that you should never just start doing yo-yo’s without first working up to the higher intensities while being monitored by someone who understands this. Ask your personal trainer or gym if they can provide you with guidance.
At ExerciseMD we can also assist with this and you can logon for a 30 day trial of support for free to get you started.
Remember in most cases the treatment needed for high blood pressure is easily identifiable. If you choose to fight it on your own this new exercise technique may just be the ticket