Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I take this training?

Working with clients to help them use exercise to fight and prevent disease is a different process than your usual training/treatment regimes.  You will receive credit for 4 CEC's from canfitpro and you can also use this training for other continuing education requirements of your College or Professional Organization. You will increase your practice size, client retention will improve and you will be able to help more people use exercise to get healthy.  You will also be trained in how to implement Click-Eat the simple diet, an app that will also enhance your clients experience, improve their eating habits and increase your practice income.


Why is it Free?

At certain times of the year we waive the $475 fee for taking this class.  Our model is to have thousands of trainers and health care providers accross Canada trained to use our service.  Your use of the platform with your clients is also free.  Your clients will pay a nominal monthly fee for you to monitor their progress between sessions at your office/gym.


After the First Year is their more training?

Yes, we will be making available an annual upgrade class of approximately 1 hour of online work so that you have the latest tools and knowledge available to help your clients and maintain your ExerciseMD Certification.